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All of us, for who Tango became a favorite hobby joined and organized a club “RECUERDO” in Krasnodar in September, 2005.

Krasnodar, "Recuerdo" Tango Club

Of course, we are all very different, but we like spending time together!

Our club for us is a place of amicable meetings and of very interesting and pleasant rest. Now this wonderful music and dance brighten our life and make it more emotional and happier!

Classes and tango-parties are an opportunity to find new friends. It is means to spend free time in a beautiful, stylish and healthy way. Join us! Maybe the club RECUERDO will become your favorite resting place as well, and Argentine Tango will become your favorite hobby.

There are three levels of participants in our club:

Intermediate - attend classes more than six months;

Upper- intermediate - attend classes more than two years.

ORGANIZATOR AND TEACHER OF THE CLUB «RECUERDO» - Elena Polishchuk. Educated as a coacher choreographer Graduated from Krasnodar State institution of physical culture. Master of sport on rhythmic-sportive gymnastics.

Has taught Argentine Tango since 2005.


Classes, dance parties-practices and topical milongas are held at two dance studios, that are the most comfortable in Krasnodar

Address:Krasnodar City, North Street, 256

Telephone number of the club RECUERDO: +7-961-53-21-593

e-mail: club@recuerdos.ru


Welcome to the site of the first and single club of amateurs of Argentine tango in Krasnodar.

Argentine tango is a unique dance trend.

This is a dance of embraces and touches. It is interesting to dance it with different partners and then tango becomes a fascinating dance play for adults! Indeed for those who have mastered this special technique of leading-following this dance becomes almost a telepathic communication. They become odd. They are not necessary.

A man is a leader here and each dance is his creativity. Each dance is inimitable, because it is always improvisation. Listening to the music a man leads a woman, composing a dance in process. , , . Remember the phrase: Happiness is when you are understood. This language of movements and touching brings complete mutual understanding even with a stranger. And this mutual understanding gives us feelings of joy, happiness and unusual emotional intimathy.

Three dances are danced in tango-clubs: sensual tango, romantic tango-waltz and gay milonga. People who are happy to love tango with all their soul, consider it to be the most sensual and elegant dance of the modern world. Many people say that already at the first classes they have a feeling, that Tango brings them back the things which the relentless pace and fuss of the modern life take away. That is serenity of mind and harmony in the relations between a man and a woman. Learning Tango is a process of unlimited creative self-improvement. It develops even in every-day life the ability to feel and understand another person without words, without hurry and fuss. It teaches to be attentive and gracious to those who are close to you. It is not easy to gain unity, that is why learning Tango requires of everybody patience and kindness to oneself and to others.

More than 100 years this dance submits more and more new generations. And each new generation brings something of oneself. And every evening in different places of the planet people come to tango-clubs in order to enjoy this wonderful music and dance of unusual harmony and beauty.

Join us!
We`ll be glad to see you

Telephone number of the club RECUERDO: +7-961-53-21-593

e-mail: club@recuerdos.ru